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What is a periodical?

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A "periodical" is any publication that comes out regularly or occasionally (periodically).  Sports Illustrated, The Journal of Anthropological Research, The World Almanac, and the phone book are all periodicals.

There are different kinds of periodical and it's important to understand the differences between them.

A "magazine" is a periodical with a popular focus, aimed at the general public, and containing news, personal narratives, and opinion. Articles are often written by professional writers with or without expertise in the subject. They contain discussion of events, usually without documentation (citations or footnotes). Magazines use vocabulary understandable to most people, and often have colorful illustrations and advertisements. Time, Rolling Stone, U.S. News & World Report, and Psychology Today are magazines

A "journal" is a scholarly periodical (sometimes called an Academic Journal or Peer-reviewed Journal) aimed at specialists and researchers. Articles are generally written by experts in the subject, using more technical language. They contain original research, conclusions based on data, footnotes or endnotes, and often an abstract or bibliography.  Illustrations are usually limited to graphs and tables supporting the research.  An example would be The Journal of Abnormal Psychology.  

The JCC Libraries subscribe to many journals and magazines in print.  You can find 12 months of issues in the Current Periodicals shelves in the library.  For journals and magazines older than one year, look in the Back Periodicals shelves.

The easiest way to find periodical articles is to use Library Databases (from the Library Homepage click on Databases by Title or Databases by Subject under SEARCH COLLECTIONS.)  If you are looking for articles on a Specific Subject, for example: Nursing, Criminal Justice or Literature, click on Databases by Subject and select from the drop-down list at the top of the page then click on "Apply."  Now you have a list of subject databases from which to select.  Remember, if you are off-campus, you will be prompted to enter your student ID and password in order to access the databases.

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