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I need to find a Primary Source, what does that mean?

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"Primary Source" refers to original material created at the time an event happened - or a record of an event after the fact by someone who was actually there.  In other words, a first-hand account.  Primary sources can include diaries, journals, newspaper articles, memoirs, speeches, original research data and government documents - they can also be photographs, audio or video recordings, works of art and other objects.

In contrast a "Secondary Source" interprets or analyzes information from a primary source, for example, a book about a historical event written by someone who was not present, or an article analyzing census data.

Use the Library Catalog ("SEARCH FOR BOOKS" from the Library Homepage) to find books on your topic.  Use databases ("Databases by Subject" or "Databases by Title" from the Library Homepage) such as Gale Virtual Reference Library or Salem Online (for historical sources), Statistical Abstract of the United States (for statistics and census data), or Science Direct (for primary research). 

Here are some keywords that might help when you are searching for primary sources from books in the library catalog or articles in a database:

"personal narratives"

Open the JCC Libguides listed below to find links to online primary sources.

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