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I can't get into the libraries' databases.

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Follow the tips below if you are having trouble accessing one of the online library databases.

Tip 1: Make sure you are using the correct username and password

When logging into the library databases, be sure to use your JCC username and password. This is the same username/password that you use to access Blackboard and campus computers. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you’re using your JCC username/password NOT your Banner ID.
  • Your username is:

-First 6 characters (or fewer) of your last name 
-First character of the first name
-First character of the middle name (only if you provided JCC with your middle name)
-A two digit number beginning with 01

Example 1: Jane M. Anderson would be (andersjm01). If you have a common name, the final number may increase by 1 (andersjm02, andersjm03, etc.).  The 2 digit number differentiates duplicate usernames.

  • If you are a new student or employee, your default password must be changed before accessing the library databases: 

Your default password is your DOB in MMDDYY format (e.g. 012080).

Your password can be changed here:

If you’ve already changed your password, confirm that you can logon to your Blackboard account. If you can’t, you won’t be able to access the library databases either. You’ll need to contact the the JCC Help Desk,   or   1-800-388-8557, ext 1122 to have your password reset.

Tip 2: Many workplaces have firewalls that block access to Web sites

Many workplaces, including some local schools, have firewalls that block access to a wide range of Web sites (including ours!). If you’re having trouble connecting to a library database from work (i.e. “page cannot be displayed”), you’ll need to check with your employer’s IT department to find out if outside sites are blocked. If they are blocked, you can ask them to “whitelist,” or allow, the following site:

Tip 3: Try accessing a different database

If you are having trouble accessing a particular database, try accessing a database from a different vendor/company. For example, if you cannot get into Academic Search Complete (EBSCOhost), try getting into another database like ProQuest. If you can get into one but not another, this might indicate a problem with the database. If this is the case, please contact either the Hultquist Library’s Reference Desk (716-338-1139 or via email) or the database administrator, Amy Rupp (716-338-1131 or via email).

Note: You must access the databases through the JCC Libraries' Web page ( If you attempt to access any of the databases from off campus by going directly to their web site, you will not be recognized as a Jamestown Community College (JCC) user, and therefore won’t be permitted to access their resources.

Tip 4: Try using a different browser

If you are having trouble accessing the library databases, try using a different browser. For example, if you normally use Internet Explorer and are experiencing issues, try using Chrome or Firefox (or Safari if you are a Mac user). 

Follow the tips below if you are having trouble accessing one of the online library databases.

Tip 5: Clear your browser cache/history

In some cases, you may have to clear your browser’s cache/history. Follow the steps for your browser:

  • Internet Explorer

Tools > Internet Options and click Delete under Browsing history

  • Firefox (PC)

Firefox > History > Clear Recent History > switch time range to Everything > Clear Now

  • Firefox (Mac)

Tools > Clear Recent History > switch time range to Everything > Clear Now 

  • Chrome

Click Wrench icon on toolbar > Tools > Clear browsing data > Clear browsing data

  • Safari

History > Clear History > Clear

Note: You can also clear your browser history by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Delete.

Tip 6: Adjust your browser security settings

If the steps in Tip 5 don’t work, try adjusting your browser security settings. Follow the steps below:

  • Internet Explorer

Tools > Internet Options > Privacy tab and drag the slider to Medium
Tools > Internet Options > Privacy tab, click Sites and allow

  • Firefox (PC)

Firefox > Options > Privacy tab and select Remember history from the drop-down menu

  • Firefox (Mac)

Firefox > Preferences > Privacy tab and select Remember history from the drop-down menu

  • Chrome

Click Wrench icon on toolbar > Options (Preferences on Mac and Linux) > click Under the Hood tab > click Content settings in the Privacy section > Click the Cookies tab > make sure Allow local data to be set is selected

  • Safari

Safari > Preferences > Privacy tab and select Never under Block cookies


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